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Dairy Museum & Art Gallery

Our museum shows you the progress and growth behind the dairy farming industry in Malanda

See the original production process.

See the families who started it all.

Understand the growth of the industry.

The Dairy Farmers Story

We hold one of the best dairy museums in Australia that showcases the very first arrival of the dairy farmers here in Malanda. The museum showcases everything there is to know about the life of a dairy farmer when they first settled here in Malanda. The museum showcases some of the original products, packaging, tools and other memorabilia that is on display to give you a virtual tour of the dairy farming background here in Malanda.

The museum showcases some of the earliest memorabilia to date of the local dairy farmers here in Malanda. The full museum really needs to be seen to be believed.

The background gives you a real life impression of what it was like to be a dairy farmer back in the time when milk was first discovered. See the full scale of how the industry has grown.

The dairy farmers museum allows you to really understand how the industry has grown and to the scale that it is today.

Our on-site Art Gallery

Our art gallery holds some of the best painting and pictures from local artists who allow us to hold their beautiful art work within our gallery. The gallery is open to the public and most pictures are available for sale. Come in and view our showcased work sourced directly from artists within the local region.

``The art gallery had such an amazing variety of some of the best pictures and painting.``