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Dairy Tours

Get a guided tour through one of Queensland's biggest Dairy production factories.

Malanda Dairy Tours

We provide tours of the Dairy Farmers factory located in Malanda. This is an all access tour throughout the factory where you will be able to see how the milk is produced, packaged and labelled. This popular tour is a great idea for families, schools and anyone curious to see how one of Queenslands biggest milk manufacturers operates out of the heart of Malanda.

The dairy tour provides people with an insight into the history of how the Dairy Farmers brand became one of the largest milk suppliers within Queensland. The tour will take you through the factory and show you everything there is about the largest milk factory in North Queensland.

Watch the milk factory come to life while it packages up milk cartons ready to be sold throughout Queensland. The all access tour allows the group to see the whole production process

Nothing is off limits with this tour, we show everything that is involved with the production process. The guided walk through tour shows how the milk is sourced and then made into the different varieties of milk that is on the supermarket shelf.

Guided Tours

Walk through and listen to our guided tour of the Dairy Farmers milk factory where we take you behind the scenes of Queensland’s largest milk producing factory.

View Packaging Process

Watch the whole bottling process take place and see how the milk is packages ready for sale.

Packaging and Transporting

The tour shows you everything from the production all the way through to the packaging where the products are collected from local trucking companies ready for distribution.

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